Heating Up


The stress of this workload

Is causing me to go insane.

It's starting to hurt my brain,

Feeling like it's going to burst

And cause eternal pain.

I start to question

At the end of the road,

What would I ever gain?


I close my eyes and imagine

What life would be like

If I didn't abandon

My life-long dream

Of designing stadiums and things

And actually made it happen

In such a fashion

That caused me to put all my passion

Into multiple projects with nice little captions.


I am not "working"

But instead loving the work I do

Because I was one of the few

Who put in the work

Way back when I was in school.

Now I am part of the crew

Sketching out the new stadium

And looking at my life

With a positive and eager point of view,

Thanking myself for not giving up

And for not whispering to my dream a gloomy adieu.


I open my eyes and see the papers

All piled up waiting to be completed,

But now instead of feeling defeated,

I pick them up and greeted

The challenge that was seated before me.

I decided that my hopes were not depleted

And that my fire for my desire

Was just starting to get heated.


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