Tue, 10/13/2015 - 10:24 -- Daovan

I suppose I'm living good now
My air and heat come real central like and my
Bed is larger than I've ever had
Living real nice
I remember though
Sitting on a itchy brown carpeted floor that had too many spills to remember what was making that smell
My radiator humming
Heaven and i mushing crayons on to them to make a new color putty
Burning permanent smiles onto our finger tips
Letting the sweet smell of orange peels mommy put on it at night
Waft right into our noses
And here comes Isaiah
Being nosy
Taking our techno dogs and smashing them right in front of our eyes
A fire
Started in my
Sweet chin musics start to fly as heaven and I try to tackle him down
Heaven Isaiah Da'Ovan
Come here
We get in trouble
Told to stand up face the wall and wait until ma up so she can scold us
40minutes  later right
I'm crying
I didn't even do nothing
Isaiah broke my techno dog and
We're still facing the wall
People live under us
You just can't be bumping and jumping like that
Get back in that damn room
And Lay down
...I walk soft with
Padded feet
Pushing and shoving my brother into the same wall I dared him to punch one time
Making him push me even harder
Sliding into my bottom bunk bed
Isaiah kicking my mattress on the way to the top
Heaven listening to her CD player in
Playin pretty Ricky
Swoonin all about some dude
In her bed
I roll to my side
And let the sounds of my heatarator lull me to sleep
With the (radiator noise)
I'm living nice now
But Now I can't sleep
Doctor says its insomnia
But she doesn't know
It's just cause
my heat
Don't make noise
No more

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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