You can learn a lot from a dream
our subconcious tells us what we already know
but were too afraid to admit.
And you were there in my dream
Your body close to mine.
I felt your heat as you held your arm around me
as I laid my head upon your shoulder


I didn't recognize how crucial heat was
Until I lie in my bed
Pressed down by something lacking
It wasn't cold. No. Nothing was there
but it held me down without warmth
and I couldn't speak
or yell
or scream
it suffocated me.


Heat isn't suffocation.
Nothing is.
Because you can only suffocate by something
that's there
but maybe you can be suffocated by what isn't.
Because when you're suffocated
part of it is because there's something in your way
of breathing, but it's all because of the lack of 

And that's where we went wrong
when I gave you all I could and nothing was 
You suffocated me not with hate
but the absence of love.

It took me a dream without scream
to realize this.
That silence and death are one and the same
because if you can't fight the war,
then you're losing
and because silence and death are
While you were not.

Don't tell me that's not scary:
A person that's tangible but
cannot be touched.
Someone who doesn't care enough.
Someone absorbed with indifference
and passionlessness.
because love is tangible
but it can be felt.

It took me a broken dream to realize this
and to see that some people
are intangible




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