From a Heartbreaker to a Dream Maker



Growing up, surrounded by relatives in the medical field

My future as a doctor was easily revealed

From a podiatrist to a neurologist

I've heard stories from all fields that exist

But one stood out to me most of all

Cardiopulmonology was my call

It happened on such an ordinary day

But the opposite was what I faced to my dismay

My brother ran up to me, tears brimming his eyes

His hands tightly grasping mine, I started to cry

He couldn't breathe, he was merely gasping

I called out for help, but he fell, collapsing

Into an ambulance he went

I just stood there watching, in full torment

Time went by, but my yearning to learn

About the heart and lungs continued to burn

With every asthma attack, every hospital trip

With every hand grasp, and every tear we let slip

I knew I wanted to help educate those with the same condition

So others can recognize the signs and symptoms in that position

Because at the time, I, myself, couldn't help my own sibling

Due that to the fact that I simply knew nothing

And most of all, I long to research the cure

So that in time, I'll be sure

That my brother and others will overcome this disease

And no longer will they or their family members feel unease.



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