The thing about breakups is it doesn't hit you immediately.

It hits when the deal is settled five minutes later and you're looking over the conversation as your throat seems to tighten,

Your heart drops 3,000 feet down into your acidic stomach and shatters like glass,

And finally, your tear ducts flood with salt water that overflows down your cheeks -

Clutching at your torso as if physically holding yourself together will help mentally.


It’s funny.

I’m listening to more country music now even though it makes me think of you

And thinking of you makes it hurt more,

And I don’t want to hurt anymore but I continue to listen!


You always told me that you’d never leave and eventually,
I believed, place the remaining pieces of my soul into the palm of your hand,

But now you’re not here.

You left,

But only after you tore my heart out through my throat and shattered its remaining pieces that you once promised to put back together;

What happened to me and my Angel?

What happened to forever and always?

What happened?!


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