Heart Keys

Take a key, it opens my heart
There's not many left

Many have been taken
Many have been tossed

I’ve given them away too freely

Many to people who barely
deserved the right to enter

I offer you a key, and hope
You hold it tight.
Keep it close and use it as needed

Do not damage the door
Do not damage the lock
If you are not happy inside
feel free to give the key back
Someone else might need what is there

I offer this to you with love
And hope you appreciate
The chance to enter this world I hold.

Some places are dark but some places…

They hold so much brightness and love
That you would be amazed

There are places inside this realm
That will make you smile and fill your heart with Joy

There are other places that will touch your heart with sadness
Places damaged by those who came before
With no regard for the peaceful sanctity they were offered

Many places are under construction that you may not see,
Being rebuilt, better and stronger than before
Only to be opened again when they are flawlessly rebuilt

I offer you this chance, to open a door
That can take you to another realm
To show you how to feel something,
You may have never felt before.

Inside this sanctuary are many rooms
Try your key in those that spark your interest
Some may open only with your key.
Some have been opened by many and left damaged
Some may not yet let your key turn the tumblers
They may not be ready to open again

There are many doors for you to explore
So turn your key in every door
Step inside and look around
Look for things no others have found
Run through the hallways with laughter and joy
Bring new life to these depths
That have not been explored in ages
The halls look forward to hearing the sounds of laughter ringing in them once again
There are rooms for you to paint if you like
Choose the color and your own designs
Make yourself comfortable, stay awhile.
But please, hold the key tight and do not toss it away

*Allen Bais*




 Great , I have laughed a lot!

Allen Bais

Laughing is a good thing.


soo good.


Allen Bais

Thank you

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