The Heart Bleeds Me


United States
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We walk in others shadows, and wallow in our defeat. If they can only see. To see . What is it to really see? To look past the makeup,to look past the face, and look through the heart . But how can I see when I don't face their faces. Head down while I contemplate each one i'm taking  .Each step I take is longer and is drowning in regret. Regret to live in this place that we call our home. United States of America! Where if you don't talk right   or don't have their color skin you cant possibly be from here. you're looked down on If you or your parents came into this place with out letting our leader know , or let me rephrase that the people in "control" know. brainwashing all of our shows , ours songs they constantly play on  the radio. The radio, the tvs' are off which makes me lost, what to do if my phone is past due its life it controls my every line, it controls me and my social class because if it flips it makes them laugh. They don't seem to look past that , at me a girl who is only 14, struggling to get past the social classes of my generation that does not assess the lives it has taken. Because to truly see, we have to bleed , bleed the colors Red, White and Blue so that we can belong and look past the view of our people being slowly eaten by others pushing their thoughts on to them , letting them think their in control. Control , What the people don't see is that no one can really be "in control" because the media  intertwines their soul, as The heart cant bleed what i'm wearing , it can only bleed what they failed to see in me.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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