Hear My Heart Break For You

Just children were we when we first met

Prancing about one another without a care.

Though oft not we would see the another

Each time was as if the previous game had not been left.

Springs flew, Winters passed, Summers sweltered,

and Falls went. We laughed and played and grew to share

A shyness which increased when near each other.

Conversations that had been so easy before faltered.

Smiles and laughs made our hearts start wildly beating.

Yet, silence prevailed and not a word was spoken.

Distance became apparent but neither of us stopped its advancement.

We rare spoke for nearly a year, our glances remained fleeting.

Deep down we both knew and feared what had awoken

But for the sake of friendship neither voiced that statement,

Thus how the feelings were pushed aside and bottled up.

Desperate we were to not give away our innermost thoughts.

Now look at us two so many years from our previous selves.

We talk and become familiar again after so much time of separation.

Slowly, the realization of why we felt what we did dawns upon us,

But the reality is, just as we became different so are now is our situation.

The heart which pulsed within my chest is now promised to another.

Your once-pure heart has been torn and your emotions left in shambles.

Those words which we once not dared say soon found their way out.

Apprehension gripped my heart and thoughts that these words

Perhaps should have remained behind sealed lips.

However, if anything, a large sigh of relief has been brought about.

We two, children no more, speak of past feelings in observance,

Knowing now that there is no turning back from what unfolds

Honesty has blossomed between us and so has a bittersweet sadness.

Love never once forgotten lingers in the off color jokes or tight hug holds.

Ideas of ‘What If’ find their way into my conscious; no doubt yours as well.

My love for you will always be true for I never stopped loving you.

Perhaps, one day, you too shall find someone that will cause your heart to swell.


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