Healthy Love

Please and thank you, yes and no

That is how our love should go.

Kiss me, love me, hold me near

Call me sweetheart, darling, dear.

Like a well-watered flower, or a tree with strong roots,

Our love is quite centered and bears lovely fruit.

You ask me how I'm feeling, I ask about your day,

And when I'm sick or tired, you help in every way.

I spill the flour, I drop the eggs,

You're always ready with endless grace.

I try to protest, I don't deserve your love.

You sat that time with me is payment enough.

You always hear what I'm trying to say,

Even when I'm talking cray.

You're constant, always my steady rock,

When life's unpredictable misfourtunes knock.

You love me even when we're apart.

There has never been a doubt in my heart.

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Our world
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