He is There

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 19:31 -- fitzr

Sitting patiently at a red light,

watching the other cars zoom past your Ford Taurus

you wait for that  brilliant green color to finally appear.

Without any hesitation, you step on the gas

noticing the truck flying through the intersection

a little too late.


He is there.


Remembering the first time you saw that handsome smile,

the large monarchs flutter throughout the innards of your stomach.

And as you walk down the long aisle,

that same heart-stopping smile emerges in anticipation,

and that feeling comes jolting back,

as you await your future that has yet to come.


He is there.


Every turn in your life,

both good and bad, faithful and sinful:

Graduating with a victorious 4.0.                  

Losing your job, for the second time that month.

                                    Helping the bully’s next swirly victim.  

Stealing the gorgeous wallet right in front of you, crossing   your fingers it’s enough to buy the hottest drug.

When you’re about to give up:

            Two jobs, eighteen credits, dance, band, volunteering, three clubs

                        It’s just too much.

When you achieve greatness:

            Bringing a new life into this gorgeous world.


You are not alone,

He is there.


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