He, She, and They

He who crept in isn't mundane.

He is the novice of friendships and the definition of lonely.

He's quiet on the outside but loud in the inside.

People are astounded when he speaks.

His aroma is like a swamp.

His relationships involve no one.

He is nothing.


She who gracefully walks in on clouds is beautiful.

She is a leader, not a follower and the definition of friendly.

She's loud on the outside but quiet in the inside.

People are surprised when she's silent.

She smells like the Garden of Eden.

Her relationships include everyone.

She is everything.


Those who march unitedly are inspiring.

They can be courteous but can be hateful and they're the definition of life.

They can be garish but can be placid.

People are turned upside-down when violence occurs.

They smell earthy like they are made out of the soil.

Their relationships incorporate those who are them.

They are the reality.


                                 By, Allie Roberts



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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