He Read Me Like a Book


He read me like a book

Paying attention to every detail

Remembering every word

Taking notice to every detail


He read every crevice of my life

He found out who I was and why

Like a novel

He read me like a book


Every chapter, it’s written in love

Some written in tears

The further he went

The deeper each fear


He absorbed every thought

He took in every feeling

Like a roller coaster

He felt the rush I was living


He read me like a book

From cover to cover

Someone like him was unexpected

I don’t usually have such listeners


He read me like a book

Every feeling I had was expected

To him, I was an easy mystery

But a hard romance he said


He read me like a book

I appreciated him a lot

He cared about my feelings

Telling my story was fun


He read me like a book

In his eyes I would get lost

Every word that came out

Were scribbled as I was locked


I read to him how I came to be

He would listen so intently

He was a little boy at night

When it was story time



I loved him

But there are still volumes to write

Adventures and stories waiting for him and I

In this book of life


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