He Leads From Behind

Appreciate my leadership,for I lead from behind.My dick is a dragon,and so is my mind. I sulk in bulk, no lack of supply,I act like a little boy with a bad toy. To the rest, I am the best,I'm such a fine guy,likeable to fools I believe,it's my joy. At home they don't like me,they can't understand,maybe their too stupid to seeOr grasp what I am. I lead from behind,my nose in the sand,my Armani still looks good,no creases or pleats. Scraping up scandals,as fast as I can, a dredge blushes to wonderat my speed and candor. Like a willow in the wind, I hold up a finger, licked wet, then do what I damn, to hell with thoughts. Stealing rights by writ in the night,passing off personal slights,straw men stand in my defense. Playing Kabuki with my military,favoring one religion over all others,to abuse the intended creed,recalling my own manifest destiny. Appreciate my superiority,note my elegance, as I lead behind,I, emperor wear my clothes well. I hide my agenda, caliphate, under terms to dumb, a colonial imperialism,that's out of sync with American truths. Bask in my glow, watch me perform,I skinflint the American purse, graft, corruption, payoff a plan. Savior to the west, hiding a knife, that cuts innocent life, an outdated Ideology lost from the middle east; I smile white. Strut my stuff, dance and jump,I'm a leader, that does best, in the behind, as shadows align, I preen, peacocks turn green. Appreciate my finnese, slight of hand, because I am a leader working with my head in the desert sand. Legacy set, shiny and gold, filled with illusions bold, a leader that lead from behind,emptying simpleton pocketbooks. I am a pain in American behinds, I delude indifference, indulge the witless and flatter intelligence, emotional argument, my strength's, as I lead from behind.

This poem is about: 
My country


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