He, is all I need

Mon, 02/29/2016 - 20:24 -- Jada67

All I need is love.


Love, from the man up above.


He who guides me with every stroke of his hand.


I am not scared. for I believe in what he has planned.


I trust in the power of God to show me the way.


I take what he has given, I give thanks every day.


If not for my father, I would not be who I am.


Through Christ who strengthens me, I shall conquer anything he shows me I can.


I may be physically alone, but spiritually I am not.


With my faith, and through prayer, my body shall not rot.


My God, will keep my spirits up.


I will leave my life in his hands, swaying away from thoughts corrupt.


No matter where I find my body to be.


God has my back, and he will forever be, all that I need.

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