Hazy Colors

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 19:29 -- Riah

When I see the world its behind a cloud of fog

Hiding, shadows writhing in a shady haze

Maybe that's why, in these past few days

It feels like the real me is fading away


The fog condenses around

Surrounding myself, hiding myself

The world I hide within washed of color

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

All cleaned away

Clearing away, according to them

My hidden world of sin


But me is me

Me is all I ever wanted to be

Let me breathe

Set me free

The colors are what represent me



For all the times I've bled

Bleeding for the truth

Truth laughed off as a phase



The color of the shirt

So many boys have worn

Saying to this face

"You just haven't had the right man"



The sunshine, shining beyond the windowsill

As, hidden in the sadows,

I watch the world speed past

Too afraid to pass the walls for fear of judgement



For the favorite color, color of my favorite shorts

That match up with my favorite black shirt

Where grown men have spoken shouting

"Stop dressing like a man, go put on a skirt"



The tears of sadness, cliche I know,

For all the tears I shed for her

But she, she wasn't who she presented

She was hiding, faking, faking, hiding for her boyfriend



My father's favorite color

The one who I never see anymore

The one who actually sees me as a human

Humanly figuring out life

Though he knows not for sure the true level of my strife


Let's not forget the others

White, grey and black

Blacks in my heart right now

Its been hard to find the way back



For the backs of my mother's eyes

When I come home two minutes late

Its no matter

Brother dear left at eight this morning

Didn't come back 'til twelve hours later



For the emotions hidden so deep

Its frightening to release them

Once they're out I fear

They can never be recovered



For the cover of fog

As it slowly blankets around me

Wash the colors away

Kind of feels like drowning.




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