Tonight, as I stayed alone.
An apparition came to me.
Quietly whispered, my name.
Rose, a vapor from the ground.

Quickly occupied.
Every shadow.
Darkened corner.
Moved, amist.

Whisper, in the wind.
Hid, behind every tree.
Unspoken darkness.
Oblivion, malice - It brought.

Lurking, watching.
Each move, I make.
Touching me.
As my back was turned.

Sampling me, tasting me.
Smelling, the fear within.
Watching me.
With a lidless eye.

A sudden chill.
Shiver and breeze.
It passes behind me.
Muted, I wish to see.

What demon untold?
What gifts?
Ill news, do you bring.
Herald unknown.

Your presence, I feel.
Cold, as death.
Swift, as wind.
Bringer of dread and sorrow.

Nightly shadow, of dreams.
With each passing moment.
Ever closer, you creep.
Ever nearer - It seems.

I lay awake, captured.
Compelled, in sleep.
Yet full of senses.
Conscious thought.

Unable to move.
While my alarm.
Anguish grows.

Slowly, surely.
It floats and leaps.
Closing the gap between.
So comes that terror, I behold.

No visible form.
To perceive.
Mere chisels, movement.
Silent fading, of light.

As every corner.
Shape and shade.
Wisp, of air.
Becomes a menace.

Changes furtive and vile.
I observe, wish to run.
Anywhere, to hide.
Seek a bit of light.

Slightest illumination, that might.
Provide a breather, from my flight.
To stand in, to relish.
My very own sanctuary.

Finally saw.
A square, so bright!
Across the hall.

Through the door.
Stairs, corridor.
That lead me there.
Panicked - I ran!

In horror leaped.
Hurried and rushed.
Without moving a bit.
Or so it seemed.

For the more I ran.
The slower, I moved.
The greater thus.
Became, my distress.

Ever faster, swifter.
Larger, it grew.
I could feel it.

Some tremors, cold shivers.
Breathing, in the air.
Just beyond my grasp.
Barely out-of-sight.

So I reached my haven.
A square, lit by moon.
Prepared to turn.
Face my enemy.

Heard, hissing of breath.
Saw, a long hand of shadow.
Extending, gripping my heart.
Laughing, hollow it burned!

Noticed that, grinning it sat,
perched upon my shoulder - Long ago.
Silently whispered - Listen friend.
For we are both trapped here by the dark.

Forever fleeing in a maze,
which we may never leave...


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