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Some days I feel alone.
Some days I feel hopeless.
It all depends on the day.
It’s hard some days.

Although we are told,
Do not dwell on the past.
I always find myself,
Looking back at mistakes.

Mistakes that I have made.
Mistakes that others around me have made.
So why is it so hard?
To forget what is meant to be forgotten?

Maybe we’re all looking for something,
Something that is impossible to find.
Yet we all feel it in a different way
As if it is rain we cannot see, but feel.

The past is a dangerous thing.
It is full of regrets that cannot be redeemed.
There is no way to fix what is done.
And that is what kills us the most.

The feeling of heartbreak,
A painful reminder of what used to be,
But will never be again.
It’s in the past.

There’s a reason for everything that happens.
Proving a point,
Learning a lesson.
But yet it still haunts us.

That mistake will never vanish,
But somehow we have to forget?
But do we ever really truly forget?
Does our mind completely let go of something so life-altering?

The past is meant to stay behind us,
Yet it keeps coming around to bite.
Some days it seems impossible to forget.
Some days the torture never ends.


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