Hatred is like poison

I’m tired of this paper town and all the paper people that live in it. I can stand from the tallest mountain and look upon this place and it all blurs into nothing. And if I look as closely as I can at the people that live in it I still see nothing. I look at all these fake insincere people who live for nothing and believe in nothing, happy. I am taught by the last person I ever cared about how stupid I was for giving an ungrateful bastard like him love. He destroyed the last bit of integrity I had. I always clung to the innocent idea that people are inherently good and deserve forgiveness. But, he’s nothing but a caverness pit of pride and narcissism. No matter how many times people used me and projected there failure onto me I still tried to be optimistic. I still wanted to love. But, I can more than confidently say that part of me is dead. That there are some people with holes inside themselves that not even the greatest god could ever fill. I feel like I’ve gone from Holden Caulfield to Victor Frankenstein’s Monster. From a jaded youth with an insatiable need to protect the few things real and innocent about this world to a Monster made up of every individual who has ever fucked me over for their own benefit. For the love of one I would have made peace with all. Just one fucking person. Now all I want to do is strike a match and watch it all burn. If you know what the last two years of my life have been then you know who I’m talking about. And if you are the individual I’m talking about in this poem? Then just remember that I sacrificed everything for your happiness when I loved you. And now that you have single handedly become the only individual in my life I could ever confidently say I’ve hated. I hope for your sake we never cross paths again.

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