Hates Battle Cry

We heared the about the horrible atrocity of that day.

All bore witness to the horror and dismay.

Evil used the screams of our citizens as their battle cry.

we sit staring at the television asking why.

we become cosumed in hate,

because we feel that justice came too late.

We become corrupted and malicious but we must fight the impulse.

Love and communion is the only cure for and irregular pulse.

The lives of our beloved have been taken, but not forgotten,

For they stay in out heart.

We display our rainbow colors across the nation like art.

Evil thinks it has won, but it has been decieved.

An old ideology has been released.

Gun control now reemerges on the ballot,

yet not many people want to talk about it.

In order to protect our citizens we must ignore the sinful suductivity of money.

If we do not regulate the availibility of guns, there will only be more catastrophy.

I would rather die than rehear Hatre's Battle Cry.



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