To the Hater

To the vengeful ex

To the youtube user jbeibz4ever

To the closeminded stranger

To the transphobic asshole

To every person that has ever said to another human being

You are ugly. You are a failure. You should go kill yourself.”

This. Is. Not. Okay.


It will never be okay, to tear someone down because of your insecurities

I am not a violent person but you make me want to punch you in the throat

I have seen broken people,

I have bandaged bleeding self esteems

tried to stitch up broken spirits,

attempted to hold someone ripped apart by what you have said

and I have failed.


I can’t fix what you have broken

Because for every negative attack you have made,

it will take ten separate voices of compassion to turn those wounds into scars.


So, I am putting down the suture kit,

setting aside the band aids and picking up a sword.

Say anything around me, I will cut you down.

I was once broken by you but I fixed myself,

pulled the pieces together and regrew torn skin.


Now it is you, who should be afraid of me.

Because while I am small, and your weapon is great, it is your only one

and my only advice to you, is this



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