Hate will die when it is conquered by Love


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Hate. The world I know of is filled with it. Is there anywhere where hate does not reside? Hate resides in the men who beat my father for the color of his skin. Hate resides in the policeman who arrested my uncle because he was black. Hate resides in the men who created the laws that prevent me from going to the same school as the white kids. Hate does not reside in me, but I am surrounded it anyways. Hate is alive all around me. Hate is a separate entrance for my family. Hate is not being allowed to drink from the same fountain. Hate is wearing head to toe white and burning crosses in the yards of strangers. Hate is unwelcome in our house, but finds its way in. Hate will only die when it is killed with kindness and kindness must grow from understanding and love. Love is the white girl down the road who played with the black girl and saw no difference. Love is the men and women who fight for equality even though their lives are in danger. Love is forgiving those who hate my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my family. Love is forgiving them not because I was told to, but because hate has consumed them. Love is what will drive out hate in the hearts of many. Love.

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