Hate Me


Do you hate me,

like I hate the snow?


If you do,

just tell me to go.


Brush me away like the snow on you coat,

I'll drift in the wind, and fade away.

You'll never see me, never hear from me, not event one note.


But if you don't,

just tell me to stay.

If you will have me,

for you I'll stay, stay, stay.


I'll stay with you,

warm the ice in your heart,

and melt into your arms.


But if you do hate me, 

like i hate the cold...

throw me away,

don't let me stay.


If you hate me,

don't feed me cold lies,

don't give icy stairs,

don't waste my time.


If you hate me, 

just let me know,

Spring will come and my love can leave with the snow.



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