Hate It


I hate when you don't sit by me,

I hate it the same when you stay.

I hate when our eyes, they meet,

I hate it more when you quickly look away.

I hate the feelings that come to me when you say you're my friend,

I hate it more when you seem oh so very cold.

I hate that you've wandered away from me,

I hate it, too, that you're still so close.

I hate when you talk with me,

I hate it much more when you don't.

I hate when you look towards me,

I hate it, too, when you won't.

I hate how so often you manage to make me laugh,

I hate it more when you push me so far down.

I hate that feeling I get when you smile at me,

I hate it even more when I see you frown.

I hate how I feel about these things,

I hate all your conflicting feelings, too.

I hate how you just like me,

I hate knowing that I'll always love you.



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