Hate is Heavy

When destinies collide

and shatter the planet

into a million pieces,


When doubting attacks

like a cloud of suffocating hornets

stinging like hell,


When love seems to die

and fall away into darkness

as if it possessed no vigor at all,


When people refuse to change;

stubborn, unchanging asses

that feed off of their pain like blood-sucking leeches,


When the day seems to stay in the night,

caught in its grasp, kicking and screaming

and gasping for life-imparting air,


Remember this:

Hope is there.

Hope has ultimate power.

Hope killed that wretched night.

Hope stands victorious.

Hope can NEVER die.

Darkness will die,

because Hope vanquished it forever.

Hate is heavy,

so let Hope carry you home 

where you belong.


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