Have you ever just wanted to climb

Climb a building all the ways to the top and just



Just to remind your lungs

That they could breath

To remind yourself that you yourself have a voice


And as you scream until

Ever fiber of your being can remind itself of who you are

You think of everything and everyone who has ever tried to do you wrong

Screaming and hoping if the world could just answer


For you are just hoping that the world would would help you contemplate

The things that our own generation creates

For how we make everything we say have such a different meaning

For when I say Netflix and chill

Don’t get in my pants

Let's actually Netflix and chill


For #ICannotEven understand what my generation has become anymore


Whatever happened to writing a note to your crush

Asking, will you go out with me, check

Yes? No? Maybe?


Hey, are we doing it or naw


And for the new generation

Who just want to put on their big boy pants

Programmed by who knows what to grow up so fast

Just wanting to grab them by the hand


To tell them to yolo

For we are not born and thrown into adulthood

We are born to have a childhood

Then to become an adult   


Sure growing up does sound pretty lit

But is it worth forgetting that child

Is it truly really worth it

So as you're standing

On top of this building


The screaming dies

Your lungs breathe

Your voice sore but still there

You're here


But still unanswered

Everything is still changing

Without an answer to anything

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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