The Harmonious Five


Fire and Water

Air and Earth

Older than all is Spirit


Fire and Water were first to meet

Fire so fierce

Water so tempering

Can't always get along

But both are needed to keep Chaos at bay


Next one to be met by Fire is Spirit

A Daughter and close ally of God

Her trumpets blazing as she marches

But a naughty mind that can make Fire laugh


Earth encases Fire

But Fire comforts Earth

They aren't very close allies,

But they are still sisters


One of the closest to Fire is Air

Water may temper Fire

But Air helps Fire breathe

They look to be compelte opposites

But they are more twin-like

Than the naked eye can detect

Like Ying and Yang

They make Harmony

But that can be said about all Five Elements


All Five are needed to make a perfect Sisterhood

All Five are needed to create the ultimate team

Without the Five

Mother Earth wouldn't exist

Mother Earth holds like

Life that the other planets can't sustain

Because they dont have all of the Harmonious Five


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