Love living life off the edge.

Fuck the police we don't need them feeds these streets are hard nobody understand

Flickering lights the red,white and blue caution tape all around standing there without a clue

Until you hear the broken cry that weaken your soul to realize a friend flashed before your eyes  life lied there so cold

These streets don't care about your name or the family you trying to maintain its all about the hustle and grin

Becomes such a waste of time until the devil runs right upon you

A silent scream though the street lights that makes you feel some type of hope in a horror movie  which allows no fears

Tears from your eyes because no doors are letting you in the only thing left is the road trailed to the yellow ends

Them street is hard but it takes a sight to see what I mean

People handing you scrapes that leads you headed without a dream

Another person walking around hoping God will answer all their question on how they came to this place

The streets of the struggle, sacrifice, and all the pain

Callng for your friends that you said was ride or dies left you because they became something you only wishes to be and forgot to achieve

You settle for less and that were you stayed the bottom having a sign saying help me asking for hands out like a stray

That you rely on other to come and save the day that somehow you was always left disappointed

That you had a finger to blame for everything but never at you

That you got so emotions that you let the drugs feel you thought

Maybe weeds makes you high enough that the world didn't matter to wake up and see yourself back to step one stuck without no reason to be

I told you these streets hard

Ain't nobody standing around waiting on you to get you ass up

You choose to let the opportunity lay in someone else hands.


The  streets  became impossible to leave once you tried to change you fall back in those same old ways

That the streets stayed to watch you destroy the only things you had in life..

First it was your family then led to other thing before you knew it had nothing else to lose

How the streets become a task, no more an obstacle but something that makes your heart beat can be the one things the makes it stop

I told y'all these streets was hard but you

Never stopped until It's to late...



When the streets are all you know then the streets becomes who you are. Until times runs out and you wish you would have changed.

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