Happy Birthday Father!

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 19:02 -- FLY


I hate to be a bother ,

but i would like to take a second to say happy birthday to my one and only father.

The one who tought me right from wrong, and wrong from right.

The one who tought me how to be a man and when and where not to fight.

The one who was there on the double when i was in trouble.

The one who helped me up when i was beneath the ashes and rubble. 

The one who helped me with my homework assignments at a time of need.

The one who tought me various ways to increase my speed.(#Track&Field)


Now i know we have had some rough times in the distant past, but hopefully we can put that behind us and share some laughs.


Sorry for the last birthdays i ignored and dismissed but mabey instead a priceless watch you can take this flimsy piece of paper as a gift. 

Sorry that i didnt get you something tasty or brand new, but hopefully this will suffice...





Guide that inspired this poem: 


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