Happy 17th Birthday, Baby Girl

Wed, 03/19/2014 - 19:23 -- krae.97

I haven't seen that beautiful smile

In quite awhile

It's almost been a year since you left

I still have some pictures of you

But it's not the same


I want to see in the flesh

Living and breathing

Blood pumping through your veins


But I've got to face the facts

The fact that you're gone, never to return

Fuck, Toni

I miss you

Yet there's nothing I can do about it

My heart bleeds for you


I remember all the times I spent with you

The hugs at school

Messing around in Art

Truth or Dare bus rides

Evern the first time I went to your house

These memories weren't meant to last

They were meant to be the first of many


As I write this

Tears stream down my face

The only way they'll stop is to see you

To hear your voice

Hold you in my arms

And be graced by your beautiful smile


But until then

My tears will continue to flow

Just for you

And one last thing Toni,

Happy 17th Birthday



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