The Happiness outside The Ego



Sometimes you have to choose what is what you looking for

Not all the time you may want to get what is seen

Sometimes you may think that this world we live in

It’s only a part of our imagination

Just like when someone tells you,

“It won't last forever. Nothing does.”(Gilbert)

It sounds like a misery living in the world we live in…

Have you noticed how life creates life?

And we intentionally destroy it?

Wars, hate, sorrow, the ego…

It is all the ego of the people.

The ego is hurt

Ego is everything and anything

It stops you from seeing your true self

It is a costume design to blind you

It makes you go psycho

It will hurt the people around you

It will make you think less of yourself

The ego is smart

Ego is everything and anything

It doesn't stop 'till it gets what it wants

It is a reason to push life

It makes you never wrong

It will destroy your feelings

It will make you less humane.

The ego is everywhere in everyone

Ego is everything and anything

It hurts you

It will blind you from the real world

The ego is in everyone

We must learn to control it

Or it will consume us

And kill you in your sleep.

Like in the Matrix,

Cypher saw the real world

And hated it

It was something he despised

Why would he despise something so true?

“I've been thinking it ever since I got here. ‘Why, oh, why, didn't I take the blue pill’?" (Matrix)

Yes, the ego makes us see only what we want to see

It is the way of the Ego

Could you imagine a world without ego?

To think that the ego is hate?

No. I say no. Ego is not hate.

You find ways to get things done

The ego pushes your other feelings out of the way to get what you want

Is it a good thing?

I don’t believe it is.

The only way to a healthy life with greatness in our side


The happiness within mindfulness can get us anywhere.

It is all about living in the moment and forget our worries (PW).

If we believe it is possible, it is possible. (Braden)

Happiness can be obtained anywhere.

From miracles to plain boredom.

What is happiness to people?

Happiness is something you get

When you have butterflies

When good happens

When you do well to other people

Happiness is an act of creation

A feeling that comes from positive interaction

Spreading knowledge

Some people happiness is the sex

Some people’s happiness are their accomplishments.

Those childhood memories we live by

Happiness is love and family

Sunshine and daisies

Books and Smiling for no logical reason

Happiness is the way we live our lives

According to the choices we make

Happiness is having that someone next to you

That someone that texts you

Happiness is not stressing out and being able to breathe

Happiness is recompensing yourself with a new

And to people Happiness is accomplishing things

You never thought ever!

Making change in people’s life, that’s what is all about.

Happiness is getting the food at the table.

That’s what makes my people happy (Various)

 To me, Happiness is knowing

I am getting an education, I am working,

And I am making a change in someone’s life.

Happiness reflects upon me

Just like Happiness reflects in me.

I believe in the power of one

And how by being self-conscious

Life will give you lemons,

And you shall be able to make lemonade

 People’s desires are consider egos.

When you want something, and expect to get it

That is the ignorance of the ego

“See, now that’s your problem. You’re wishing too much, baby.  You gotta stop wearing your

wishbone where your backbone oughtta be.” (Gilbert)

Truth hurts your ego not you (Braden)

I have lately been speaking to people around the world

Only to see what their view on happiness is

One person said I’m only happy when I’m with someone

I couldn’t stop but laugh

I was cruel to his judgment

I don’t believe you need someone to be happy

Ego disappears when you are happy.

Nothing matters when you are happy

Because when you are happy,

The world you live in is Happy.

We must accept what life brings

If life brings nothing but bad choices,

Pick none.

You never have to pick a bad choice

That’s why there are only two universal choices

You either pick your bad choice (your ego)

Or you pick none of those choices (happiness)

Is it worth hurting yourself over a bad choice?

Never ever say you made a decision

Because your ego forced it upon it

Happiness doesn’t force you to make a decision

Happiness is there for you to take it

And you need to accept the way it is

Or don’t accept it all.

In the classic movie Sunset Blvd,

Norma Desmond is a silent film star from the early 20s.

Who just when the 50s came, she lost her sanity to the ego

She forced herself to believe that,

“No leaves a star, that’s what makes one a star.” (Sunset)

How can a person help someone whose ego damns them?

Some people just can’t accept happiness

Is happiness something you must earn?

No! Happiness is what you make it!

If you believe that life will only bring you misery,

That’s your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Life gives you that choice.

And the Universe will make sure

To take your decision into consideration.

Which brings the world’s happiness into consideration

What makes the world happy?

Is it money? Is it confidence? Is it technology?

Eric Weiner, author of Geography of Bliss,

Brings very interesting facts about the world’s happiness.

He says that in Switzerland

Happiness comes from nature.

And that the Swiss found ‘conjoyment’

In Bhutan, Happiness is gain

Through mutual trust.

Their government wants to make their population happy

By being equal and ensuring the people’s happiness

Iceland is fascinating

Iceland believes that failure brings happiness

That you don’t need to live perfectly to be happy

You only need a little suffering

To take a big risk and still be happy

India, Weiner explains,

“Someone told me that if you want to know India,

Just stand on a street corner, any street corner,

And spin around 360 degrees.

You will see it all. The best and the worst of humanity…” (197)

And to America,

Happiness is finding their fitting place.

Once you know where you belong,

It is the most precious feeling of them all

And no one can ever take that away from you

If we learn to rejoice in ourselves and in the world,

Happiness will make sure that the ego

Will never ruin you like Norma Desmond in Sunset Blvd,

Or like Cypher’s ambitions of going back into the Matrix,

Or like the parasites that Braden discussed,

We must be willing to accept what comes in our minds

Because happiness is not only on the outside

Happiness is within us and that’s what makes our bodies

The Temple of our Living.

And makes the heart: the shaman to our soul.

And the mind: the god within us.

There are many discoveries more to be made

And it all begins with a small step…

What are you thinking?

Is the ego controlling you?

Is the happiness within you really happiness?

What is your ego and how can you stop it?

How can I feel happy?

These and more are questions I asked

And my answers where this:

I am a living being with the capability of living life to the fullest.

I am here now and that is all that matters.

What life brings, I’ll make sure to think my way through.

I’ll never let people who hurt me take my advantage.

And am I happy? No.

I am not happy. I am in the transition.

Because happiness doesn’t begin with small words

Or small sentences like this,

Or persuasion papers,

Or animated slides,

The ego is defeated by our ability to see our actions

And see that not everything we see it’s what it seems.


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