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The H is for the hell of it because what life is anyway
The A is for Act I put on to make everything seem okay
The P is for the Person I’m told to be, who people want me to be
The second P is for the Pressure I Feel crashing over me
Like a waves of insecurity, suffocating me
The I is for the “ifs”, the “what ifs” I have in life if I did what I wanted
Would I be smart, would I be pretty, would I be wanted?
The N is for the numbness I feel when I don’t have a say
E is for everybody but myself because Happiness wasn’t meant for me anyway
The S is for the sorrow I am held captive by, deep inside
Lurking over me, a shadow of my past
For the things I wish I could take back
The Last S is for the Sh… oot I didn’t give when you told me
You didn’t care for me,
Is happiness all about fitting in?
People say don’t worry about high school because life doesn’t matter then
Well then when does life,
When does happiness even begin?
It the first part of my life just a giant preamble to what my life will really be?
Or will I die tomorrow; will my name be scared as
“The girl who couldn’t be”
Who do I live for, how do I live
These are all my questions about happiness and where I fit in
But then there’s this book full of ideas and stuff,
Is it real, could it be true, or is it just fluff?
I’m on my knees trying to find the answer
But all I’m seeing is a blank wall
The sadness is spreading like a cancer
I guess it I could give this is try it might work
Nothing has satisfied me yet, This might give me worth
This book makes feel better
It talks about a friend,
kinda like a letter, but it doesn’t talk about fitting in
Its saying there is someone out there who actually cares about me
I think he could be the answer to the happiness
I’m searching for so desperately
It says he loves me and I can start to feel it everyday
Someone I can talk to about anything
Everything will be okay
Even on my nastiest days
He’s there, And he cares
So I gotta share the love I feel with you
Because you might think no one cares and you’re on your own
But know that he will forever be on the throne and without a hesitation or a doubt
If you believe you can be set free from the sadness, shame and misery
That’s when you can truly be


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