Happily Ever Never


Once upon a time
In a land not far far away
Is a girl
Sitting in the window
Tears rolling down her face
Like the rain on the glass
She has given up  
Her Prince Charming isn't coming
No matter how many frogs she kisses
No man has ever fought a dragon to get her
Let alone fight for her
She braided her long hair every night
Hoping a boy will climb it to her window someday
Taking swimming lessons
Hopping one day her love will be at the surface waiting for her
She stares at pumpkins for hours
Waiting for them to turn into a carriage
Her three blind nice
All have snapped necks
The diamond shoes
Never fit
She never some up from a kiss
Not even from mom and dad at bed time
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the emptiest of them all?
The witches apple tastes so good
Happily ever never


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