Mon, 11/30/2015 - 21:57 -- kconrow


The first time we kissed,

When I made the first move,

Not you,

On the floor of your room

It tickled me

Like you had been for the past 20 minutes

I felt it

More than that pain in my stomach

That weirdly made me laugh

All the days we spent


All those nights

I was so late

Every damn time

Just because I wanted one more kiss

I needed it

I slowly started needing you

Something I told myself I would never do

Learning to love myself

Something you slowly taught me

You made me know myself

Love myself

Love you

You are something so great

Not average like you always say

How can you think that

I look at you

And see everything I could ever want

Your good days and bad days

The bad days

Those sick days

And the days we lay in bed

Waking up next to you

Smelly breath

Sleepy eyes

Grumpy face

I want that every morning

I want you every morning

And night

And day

Growing together

I water my plants on the window sill

You water my soul

And mow the lawn

We live simply

Not perfectly

But happily



This is great!!! (:


thank you so much!!

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