In The Hands Of God

They have no refuge

The devil waits for you to fall

Fall through the fingers of God

Right into the devil's eternal trap

Nothing can save you now

You are trapped in the spider trap

Slipping from the hands of that God

Lost in the agonizing sorrow

Many people are in the same position

Now filled with love to Him

Held in the hands of the God

Surrounded by his awesome love

God will keep you safe

He wants to spend eternity with you

The glory of the Great I Am

They are rejoicing in the great glory

How could you rest one moment?

The gates of heaven are open

God is pleading for you to come home

They have refuge




I wrote this for english a couple years ago. We had to write a poem that related to the story Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. I really enjoy writing poetry and really like how this one turned out so decided to sumit it. Hope yall like it. 

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