The Half of Me I'll Never Be

Sat, 04/20/2013 - 11:46 -- Jryan10


United States
42° 17' 14.0748" N, 72° 24' 7.7112" W

The day, I will never see
But it made me who I am to be
The night I discovered
Was a night like none other
A secret of my past
That was so skillfully masked,
I may not have yet been born,
But to never forgive him, I have sworn
For the creature who can do such a deed
Will never be called "dad" out of me
To take the life of one's own mother
Is a sin surpassing all other
To know he is one half of me
Is something I'll never be proud to be
The grandmother I never had
Never saw me put on shoulder pads
Nor watch me run down the field
With the pain of my past concealed
This has made me fight
To do everything I know is right 
And one day it will on him dawn
Everything I did that he's missed out on


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