Hail to the River

Sat, 06/15/2013 - 22:16 -- hkc8464


United States
29° 41' 51.3384" N, 95° 39' 3.7908" W

The river embraced its one true form
To travel its depths through hail and storm.
Through the village and through the town
Through the kingdom that once was crowned.

Through the valley and through the pain
The village was destroyed but the villagers sang.
Through the hymns and through the effort
Mother still cooed that we would find comfort.

That we still thrived and amidst the trouble
Father was alive, beneath the rubble.
“Continue to dig!” One villager ordered
"I'll find you father," I softly uttered.

I imagined father’s body, wrought with pain
And I pushed to dig faster as it began to rain.
The river continued, destination unknown
Like the circle of life, it has no throne.

It travels continuously without an end
Through every nook and through every bend.
Through every ocean, and through every ascend
Through the skies and into Heaven.

Father is alive, I will seek the truth
Take with you, river, a momentum of our youth.
A pebble with a carving of the word "Amour"
Because that is the word that father is sure.

Of earlier happiness, and spread it through the kingdom
Hail Good Father, let him not fall victim.
I dug faster as my eyes began to sting
I will not cry, I will continue to sing.

The rain poured harder and my vision began to blur
I heard a voice- Father’s, I was sure.
With your love and with your strength
My two hands will dig this length.

Of our village and of our kingdom
My dear father, my beating heart's emblem.
Hail the river, hail the sea
Hail my father, once crowned King.


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