Haiku Story: The Frog

Haiku Stories, Volume 2: The Frog


If you take a frog
and put it in hot water,
It will jump out quick.
A frog in the cold
Will stay in the same water;
It thinks it is safe.
Now make it hotter,
Ever so slowly hotter.
It will not notice 
Thus, it will stay here.
It notices not the heat,
It will burn alive.
Are we not the same?
We change little by little
And not notice
We are the frogs now.
We feel insignificance
Where there is great change.
Domestic Violence
Is never expected until
It is already late
Contracts that are signed
Are never expected to break,
'Lest you sign “The Fool.”
Yet the frog isn't so;
The frog is safe after it leaves.
We, however, are not.
We are deceived, then.
We're to make useless choices; 
A means to an end.
If the violence stops,
It's only temporary;
Not yet trouble free.
If the contracts are fixed,
They won't be for very long;
It is too fragile.
Diverging pathways
Ultimately end the same.
What's there to do now?
We cut a new path.
We may not see where we're going;
It's an adventure.
We blaze brand new trails;
We end differently now,
With stories to tell.
War stories of new;
Consequences of new mistakes.
We make our own lives.
We will still die, though;
Of that, we cannot avoid,
But we can change when.
We will wither away,
As will the frog that escaped;
but we can still change.
We can change today,
Or we can change the future;
We can all change Earth.
Let us not be frogs.
Let's not see change; but make it.
A new tomorrow.
Let's all bring stories
To be told near and afar;
Sea to shining sea.
So now, this is it.
Right now, THIS is your story.
It all begins here. 
This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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