Habits Cause Destruction

Your soul, once so pure white has been painted black by white powder. That prick that little ounce of pain is my pain. Like you prick my heart with your needles. You were everything to me, the night had every monster possible in it, but you were my brave knight, hansel to guild me and kill those creatures. Where are you, where is hansel and where is my knight? This sickness that took over was worse than the monsters I thought up in my head. It was all of them combined. The pill taught me how to grow up, taught me who you were, what my monster really was. You were locked up in a cage and fed the worst food possible. You were given a collar like a dog and told rules to get back your freedom. I reach out to you like a child does its mother in separation anxiety, but I know what you see. I grew differently because of you. Smarter, and stronger from the pain you did to me. What you shot me up with. You gave a new meaning to the walking dead. My heart swells as big as your arm with love for you. The black angel we all know as death scares me oh so terribly. I can not die because you need me to help you not die. I wish you weren’t sick anymore, What happened? How did you let this monster defeat you so many years ago? Your the best, the strongest, no one is stronger or greater than you! No monster. Or did you fall to him so I could get away… You didn’t choose to go to the night side, I know you didn’t I know your better than that. Don’t you miss the daylight? Please tell me you miss it. If I hear it than you mean it and you can get way from the lair of the monster! Please why isn’t this making sense to you! How many tears will have to fall from my eyes, Until I finally realize, you will never come home. I can’t be as naive as I was when I made those night monsters. There are day monsters that exist now. I battle them on my own, trying to keep you safe. Over my time alive fighting the battles and making peace on our kingdom. Our rolls in the castle has changed. My knight, Taken by the Monster, Who knew.


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