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A four letter word that holds so much weight

It's funny how you can love someone one day

Then the next day, that love becomes hate

We all will endure pain

We all will encounter hate

No matter what you do, somebody will hate


They say hate is a genetic factor

That shit runs in your blood

I've learned to hate on no one

Because hate will lead you on

I know how it feels to be hated

That's why I hate no one

Even if you did me wrong



That's a four letter word but it means so much to me

Anger comes from hate

That's why I refuse to let my anger get the best of me

They say hate is a powerful word

If you feel some type of way let it out

Put it on the table, let the shit be heard



Comes from resentment 

I resent a lot of people

They showed me what showing love a get me

I use to hate a lot of people

Till God showed me what hating a get me

Now I take shit for what it is

Even when I lose I win

That' why I refuse to let the Devil win


H-A-T-E is a four letter word

L-O-V-E is as well

How can I HATE somebody when I know how it feels

How can I say "I LOVE YOU" when my heart isn't pure

These four letter words

Mean so much to me

What do they mean to you?

Everyday you awake, do you excercise love?

Or do you partake in hate?

Let's take a moment to think

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Our world
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