Gun Restriction or Issuance?


once aGain, lives were lost,

moUrning, hatred, fear, and shame,

soNs and daughters were the Cost,

and Once agaiN is a shooTer to blame.


the lives that weRe lost were many tO tally,

chiLdren and teachers Died in vain,

pOliticians battlE and conspirators rally ,

and the country askS, "will it happen again?"


repeated shootiNgs; the viOlence isn't ending,

as the nation searches for a stop to iT all.

the second amendment politicians are bending:

is restriction or issuance the ansWer to our call?


gun-grabbers say that cOntrol should be in place;

pro-gun institutions say the opposite is true.

as polaRized becomes america's face,

the question to asK is, "which side is for you?"


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