Growing Pains.

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 19:31 -- shantay


She Just Wants To Get Away ,

From All This Hatred And Emotion , 

All The Hearts She Handed Out To Them Return Broken , 

All The Words She's Planning Out To Speak Are Unspoken , 

Society's Corrupt, Whats With All Of This Commotion ?

What To Do ? 

The World Keeps Turning , More People Dying , Families Yearning, 

We Keep Losing Friends, People Still Hurting,

People Not Learning, The Tables Keep Turning.


Growing Pains, In Her Membrane, Wonder She's Sane

But She Was Always Taught To Learn To Dance In The Rain

In Closed Doors She's A Mess But At School She's Okay,

Crooked Smiles Keep Her Going Through The Day, 

Sweats Of Hard Work Cause We Know That It Pays,

Yet A Little Motivation Keeps Her On It , 

Her Problems Might Be Big But Her Dreams Gon' Top It, 

Any Little Mess That She Had, Know She Mopped It, 

No Stop Signs, Cause Who Is Gon' Stop It ? 

Anything She Wants, She Know That She Can Get It,

Regaurdless Of The Fact, It's A Life, She's Gon' Live It.











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