Growing Up on the Course

As a child, golf was a mental and physical drain,

The course a nemesis, the ball my enemy.

Some tournaments ended in cheers, some with tears,

Anger showed up at every hole, inhibiting my progress.


In my teen years, patience had to be learned,

Golf is unforgiving, even on a good day.

A bad attitude on one hole, followed me,

To the next hole, infecting my final score.


A positive attitude, even when tired, 

Even when it would be easier to give up, 

A positive attitude is the key. The key to success.

The course challenges the positive attitude.


Perseverance is learned on the course,

Let go of that bad shot, you have another shot waiting ahead.

Let go of that bad round, you have another round tomorrow,

An embarressing score, yet you must show up to play the next day.


Once a nemesis to my young self, 

the course is now an opportunity,

An opportunity to learn about myself,

To grow, to persevere, to discover joy…even when the ball doesn’t go in the hole.

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