Growing Up

Maybe I knew I was a little older

When I stopped playing pretend

When Disney Channel became a little less funny

When dressing up for Halloween stopped being cool 


Maybe I knew I was older

When I got my first boyfriend

When I had my first kiss

When I went to my first high school dance with a date


 Maybe I knew I was a little older 

When I had my first heartbreak 

When I felt what it was like to lose a best friend

When I wanted to teach instead of being taught


The truth is I still felt young during all of those moments

I still felt naive and ignorant

I didn’t know I was older 

Then Junior year hit and suddenly I knew I was older...


When talking out of turn and being disrespectful became my biggest pet peeve 

When my biggest problem became getting gas money

When all of my friends irritated me because they weren’t mature enough

When I started feeling like I was a little different from everyone else


That's when I knew I was no longer a kid

I couldn’t rely on others to solve my problems

I couldn’t blow off my assignments because now grades really mattered

I couldn’t act like I didn’t care because my nerves were wound so tight with stress


Maybe I knew I was a little older

When I realized I was on my own


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