Growing Up

Growing up,

I learned that if I wanted to be with the angels,

I had to attack the situation from a different angle,

In order to earn my halo,

Which I should never hang low.


Growing up,

I learned that the fakes slither fast,

So I had to mow the lawn to see the snakes in the grass,

Which is greener on the other side,

But if I maintain my garden,

They have nowhere to hide.


Growing up,

I learned a lot of lessons from my friends,

Which are learned mistakes,

But if they switch up at the end,

Would it be considered learning from the fakes?


Growing up,

I have to say,

I have been fooled,

By 2-faced people which means half is fooled,

They said the glass was half empty,

And I told them it was half full.


Growing up,

I cleared my eyes, to realize, that,

“Money is happiness” was a real lie,

Because even people in Bentleys,

Want to really cry.


Growing up,

I was told, “time is money”,

But really its not,

Because if I ever go broke,

Then time is all that I got.


Running around like a vigilante,

Visionaries of missionaries,

Beat down with my hands cuffed,

Tender heart, that’s mentally tough,

And I learned all of this by,

Growing up.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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