Grow Up

Testing testing Uno, Dos, Tres
Wow, you really trying to feel my chest, shaking my head
Brother please, you still with that old game, no shame
I disregard people like an advertisement
Do you know the feeling of socializing?

Another level makes you wiser; I think it’s time you raise up higher
Don’t you get tired, same old me and same old “G”
To me that’s Booorriiinggg…Create a new look, learn how to cook
Change that old saying “Same *hit different day”, I’m still praying

Ladies we up in this game now, before we couldn’t read them
But now he sits back and sees we’re the teachers
This is hilarious, I mean straight up funny, he looks like a dummy
Things have changed and we’re not the same, funny…


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

life is about growing
it's a matter of people growing up and mature
what they say about games, it's fun while you play it, but once you master it, it's boring
yet people still play that same game
great way of reciting this poem in perspective


Why thank you :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

most certainly welcome ;)

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