Grow Up


United States
30° 10' 1.8948" N, 94° 0' 29.7216" W

Nobody grows up anymore
They get caught up in disappointments
Stuck in broken promises
Rejected by scenes of what used to be.

Little girls grow up to be little women
They hurt like they've been hurt
And scar as they've been scarred.

Little boys grow up to be little men
They replicate that which broke them
and scorn anything different than them.

But I want to be different.
I want to grow up.
I want to grow out of my scars
I want to grow into your arms
Away from the lines
That box me in
Into wide open spaces
That draw me
And guide me in.

Help me let go.
I weave a path of destruction
With all the baggage I carry.
I spit broken words
That re-break wounded hearts
All the while love tries to creep in.
I reject it
Yet I yearn for it
So I guess I am here
In the in between of wanting You
And not being able to release them.

Let me love, soul.
Let me breathe in light
Exhale peace and forgive
I want more than just doing what's right.


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