Ground by the Past


Ground by the Past

            Belonging to a nightmare

            Hung by a clear rope

            Breathing Safire air

            Seeing through the window of regret


            Beaten, defeated, overtaken

            It rides with the weight of unfinished sins

            Joined by others

            Day after day, they come


            Through the black skies and oceans of deception

            Sailing the tides of fear

            Darkening the one light

            Their food source


            That burns so vague and dim

            Alone and isolated

            They wish to cut off the world

            All else you know nor every known


            When hope runs dry

            You fall in doubt, indescribable pain

            Yet a hand thrusts through

            Severing the mists


            Sunlight of white

            Peers through

            Strong and unbreakable

            Taken away from them


            You regain energy

            A strength long forgotten

            So you rise

            And no longer are ground by the past


            Among the light

            You can reside in peace

            Find those in need

            See the world with golden clear eyes


                Much like the sky’s


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