Grocery List

I make this list every few weeks.

Feeding and fending for myself.

Cheapest thing for dinner? 

Probably the chicken legs. 

On special: 5lb for 89 cents each.

thoughts on how that should last me for a while.

Whats next.

RIce and beans just the way momma taught me?

Yeah, thats on the list but it never comes out quite the same.

Whith my paycheck, I attempt to stay in check.

Get my fruits and veggies in the cart.

thoughts on how I gotta stay healthy.

Whats next.

On the rise next is them mik prices.

Gotta put in more work of I want my cornflakes.

Reach checkout.

My total.

My expendatures. 

My remaining balance.

Reminders of what I am delegating.

That overwhelming student loan 

Them gas prices.


I put those on my grocery list.

Thoughts on how I am suppose to make it through this.






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