Mon, 07/31/2017 - 14:34 -- ctw

Once upon a time,

Extraneous forces brought me

at a roundabout, for I was at an

impasse of life that I did not wish

to bring about on my own accord,

but was forced to conquer nonetheless.

I couldn’t be dealt with a comforting blow,

for the strike would dominate the

severity of my situations to come.

If only they knew that I

was trying to do them a favor.


They did not inconvenience themselves

to be gentle to me, as my own promises

And experiences were already

seething blow by blow from their hands.

The Bitterness was sustained as an

Empty reminder that I believe will

forever leave me raw and aggrieved.

She had a lust for blood and for power.

To claw her way to the kingdom was to get through me.

If only they knew the whole story of why I did it.


What was left consumed me

from the inside, leaving no part

untainted with vileness that blotted

out my existence to the rest of the

universe and its forsaken attitude

towards people like me: Villains.

If only they knew and understood we

were more alike than previously assumed,

and I did it for them.


No vengeance could suffice my agony

as I was commited to suffer.

I tended to my daily needs but

refused to ease the incessant pain,

and left it as a dutiful prompt

as to not forget my means of existence

due to my failure.

If only I could have destroyed her before she took over.


Forced to reminisce my rival in times of bleakness: I was haunted.

Lips as red as the rose, thorny and cutting, gouged my core.

Hair as black as ebony, dark as her soul, was the void and bane of my life.

Skin as white as snow, blinding to her followers, was eternal and frost-biting to me.

If only they knew the fairest of them all, was Wicked.  



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