Grievances Concerning the Nature of a Certain Class


Sometimes I really just want to scream.

Please tell me this is a horrible dream!

I'm bored out of my mind,

Insanity of a subtle kind,



It's rather absurd 

That I must listen to these words

Which do me absolutely no good.

Oh, I would end it if I could!



I can't quite understand why

This class makes me want to cry.

It's just in its nature,

That revolting nomenclature.



Today is a socratic seminar.

I'd rather get hit by a car.

You'd be better off if you were not shy

Or else kiss your grade goodbye!



There is only one correct way.

No one gets a personal say

An artistic license that is feigned,

similar to being shackled and chained.



Sharing opinions glore;

It's a must, so take the floor!

Don't want to? Too bad!

You must pretend to be glad.



Everyday it's always the same

With emotions of hatred I cannot contain.

I want to go home, 

Please leave me alone,



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